Cello bags size guide

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Width x Length (mm)DescriptionFor Envelopes size (mm)
Card Sizes  
46mm x 57mmC941 x 57
63mm x 81mmC858 x 81
87mm x 113mmC782 x 113
115mm x 180mmShort DL110 x 180
115mm x 220mmDL110 x 220
120mm x 162mmC6114 x 162
125mm x 165mmStudy Book120 x 165
130mm x 175mmEuro125 x 175
138mm x 185mm5″ x 7″134 x 185
330mm x 458mmC3125 x 175
234mm x 324mmC4134 x 185
167mm x 230mmC5162 x 230
Square Card Sizes  
119mm x 114mm4.5″ Square114 x 114
135mm x 130mm5″ Square130 x 130
145mm x 140mm5.5″ Square140 x 140
155mm x 150mm5.75″ Square150 x 150
160mm x 155mm6″ Square155 x 155
165mm x 160mm6.25″ Square160 x 160
168mm x 163mm6.5″ Square163 x 163
Comic Sized Cello Bags  
143mm x 179mmFun Size Comic 
152mm x 216mmPrint Kit Bag Cello 
183mm x 265mmSilver Age & Regular Size Comic 
200mm x 260mmJournal Size Cello 
234mm x 324mmC4 – British Standard Magazine Size 
RRS Cello Bags – Resin From Renewable Source FilmDescription
RRS C787mm x 113mm
RRS C6120mm x 162mm
RRS 5″ x 7″138mm x 185mm
RRS C5167mm x 213mm
RRS 145mm x 140mm145mm x 140mm
RRS 160mm x 155mm160mm x 155mm
RRS A5157mm x 210mm
RRS A4220mm x 297mm
RRS A3305mm x 422mm
Width x Length (mm)3Description
Biodegradeable Bags 
Wax Melts65mm x 125mm
Mini Bookmarks65mm x 165mm
Bookmarks65mm x 220mm
C787mm x 113mm
DL115mm x 220mm
C6120mm x 162mm
C5167mm x 230mm
Euro130mm x 175mm
5″ x 7″138mm x 185mm
A5157mm x 210mm
A4220mm x 300mm
A3305mm x 420mm
Long A3305mm x 457mm
135mm x 130mm5″ Square Card Bag
145mm x 140mm5.5″ Square Card Bag
150mm x 145mm5.75″ Square Card Bag
155mm x 150mm5.75″ Square Card Bag
160mm x 155mm6″ Square Card Bag
169mm x 164mm6.5″ Square Card Bag
7″ x 7″185mm x 177mm
8″ x 8″211mm x 200mm
10″ x 8″211mm x 254mm
12″ x 10″262mm x 305mm
Width x Length (mm)Description
JW Bags 
125mm x 165mmJW Book – Bible Studies
89mm x 230mmTract
130mm x 175mmYoung People Ask (Euro)
185mm x 228mmMagazine/Brochure (9″ x 7″)
Width x Length (mm)Description
International paper Sizes 
A Series 
43mm x 52mmA9
58mm x 74mmA8
79mm x 105mmA7
113mm x 148mmA6
157mm x 210mmA5
157mm x 225mmA5 Long
120mm x 300mmSlimline A4
220mm x 297mmA4
237mm x 356mmA4x100
156mm x 420mmSlimline A3
305mm x 420mmA3
335mm x 482mmA3+
428mm x 592mmA2
600mm x 855mmA1
B Series 
50mm x 62mmB9
68mm x 88mmB8
93mm x 125mmB7
508mm x 707mmB2
C Series 
46mm x 57mmC9
63mm x 81mmC8
87mm x 113mmC7
120mm x 162mmC6
140mm x 330mmSlimline C4
167mm x 230mmC5
234mm x 324mmC4
330mm x 458mmC3
463mm x 648mmC2
Width x Length (mm)Description
Photograph Mounts in Inches 
108mm x 152mm6″ x 4″
185mm x 177mm7″ x 7″
161mm x 203mm8″ x 6″
211mm x 203mm8″ x 8″
135mm x 228mm9″ x 5″
160mm x 228mm9″ x 6″
185mm x 228mm9″ x 7″
238mm x 230mm9″ x 9″
160mm x 254mm10″ x 6″
186mm x 254mm10″ x 7″
211mm x 254mm10″ x 8″
262mm x 254mm10″ x 10″
185mm x 288mm11″ x 7″
161mm x 305mm12″ x 6″
185mm x 305mm12″ x 7″
211mm x 305mm12″ x 8″
240mm x 300mm12″ x 9″
262mm x 305mm12″ x 10″
313mm x 305mm12″ x 12″
339mm x 331mm13″ x 13″
160mm x 360mm14″ x 6″
211mm x 356mm14″ x 8″
262mm x 356mm14″ x 10″
Width x Length (mm)Description
Photograph Mounts in Inches 
288mm x 356mm14″ x 11″
300mm x 750mm300×750
363mm x 356mm14″ x 14″
313mm x 407mm16″ x 12″
414mm x 404mm16″ x 16″
453mm x 448mm17″ x 17″
305mm x 457mm18″ x 11″
363mm x 457mm18″ x 14″
210mm x 510mm20″ x 8″
238mm x 500mm20″ x 9″
262mm x 508mm20″ x 10″
313mm x 508mm20″ x 12″
415mm x 508mm20″ x 16″
218mm x 610mm24″ x 8″
313mm x 610mm24″ x 12″
465mm x 610mm24″ x 18″
482mm x 610mm24″ x 19″
516mm x 610mm24″ x 20″
286mm x 635mm25″ x 11″
313mm x 713mm28″ x 12″
460mm x 713mm28″ x 18″
618mm x 711mm28″ x 24″
Width x Length (mm)Description
Specialist Cello – Tape on Bag not lip
120mm x 162mmC6
138mm x 185mm5″ x 7″
167mm x 230mmC5
113mm x 148mmA6
157mm  x 210mmA5
220mm x 297mmA4
305mm x 422mmA3
428mm x 592mmA2
108mm x 152mm6″ x 4″
211mm x 203mm8″ x 8″
185mm x 228mm9″ x 7″
211mm x 254mm10″ x 8″
288mm x 356mm14″ x 11″
313mm x 407mm16″ x 12″
415mm x 508mm20″ x 16″
Multi Bags – Holds up to 10 Cards and Envelopes
120mm x 220mmMulti DL
130mm x 165mmMulti C6
177mm x 235mmMulti C5
148mm x 190mmMulti 5×7
Width x Length (mm)Description
Tiny Sizes 
40mm x 100mm40mm x 100mm
40mm x 125mm40mm x 125mm
40mm x 150mmPen Bag
40mm x 165mm40mm x 165mm
40mm x 220mm40mm x 220mm
40mm x 200mm40mm x 200mm
40mm x 300mm40mm x 300mm
40mm x 350mm40mm x 350mm
45mm Small/Slim 
45mm x 45mmCello Bag
45mm x 50mmTiny Square (1)
45mm x 100mmSlim Florist Care Card
45mm x 125mmSlim Wax Melt Cello
45mm x 165mmSlim Mini Bookmark
45mm x 220mmSlim Bookmark
45mm x 290mmSlim Scrunchie Bookmark
50mm Small/Slim 
50mm x 100mm50mm x 100mm
50mm x 125mm50mm x 125mm
50mm x 165mm50mm x 165mm
50mm x 220mm50mm x 220mm
50mm x 300mm50mm x 300mm
55mm Small/Slim 
55mm x 70mmBadge Bag
55mm x 100mm55mm x 100mm
55mm x 125mm55mm x 125mm
55mm x 165mm55mm x 165mm
55mm x 220mm55mm x 220mm
55mm x 300mm55mm x 300mm
Width x Length (mm)Description
60mm Small/Slim 
60mm x 100mm60mm x 100mm
60mm x 125mm60mm x 125mm
60mm x 165mm60mm x 165mm
60mm x 220mm60mm x 220mm
60mm x 300mm60mm x 300mm
65mm Small/Slim 
65mm x 90mmFlorists Care Card
65mm x 90mmATC Cards
65mm x 100mmLong ATC
65mm x 115mmTissue Bags
65mm x 125mmWax Melts
65mm x 150mmDrinking Straws
Bookmark Bags 
65mm x 165mmMini Bookmark
65mm x 220mmBookmark
65mm x 290mmScrunchie Bookmark
65mm x 360mmLong Bookmark
65mm x 500mmJumbo Bookmark
95mm x 575mmWide Jumbo Bookmark
70mm Small / Slim 
70mm x 90mm70mm x 90mm
70mm x 115mm70mm x 115mm
70mm x 150mm70mm x 150mm
70mm x 165mm70mm x 165mm
70mm x 220mm70mm x 220mm
Small / Slim Sizes 
74mm x 100mmJumbo Fridge Magnet
75mm x 125mmSuper Size Fridge Magnet
87mm x 128mmMini Chocolate Bars
86mm x 160mmChocolate Bars
94mm x 114mmSoap Bar
96mm x 127mmPassport Size
Width x Length (mm)Description
80mm Wide Bags 
80mm x 150mmMini Homeware Bag
80mm x 210mmHomeware Bag
80mm x 250mm250 Homeware Bag
80mm x 290mmLong Homeware Bag
89/90mm Wide Bags 
89mm x 216mmJMC
89mm x 230mmTract
89mm x 300mmLong Tract
90mm x 110mm110 Cosmetic
90mm x 150mmMini Cosmetic
90mm x 165mm165 Cosmetic
90mm x 190mmCosmetic Bag
90mm x 240mmLong Cosmetic Bag
Century Bags – 100mm Wide Bags 
100mm x 100mmCentury 100
100mm x 150mmCentury 150
100mm x 170mmCentury 170
100mm x 190mmCentury 190
100mm x 220mmCentury 220
100mm x 250mmCentury 250
100mm x 300mmCentury 300
110mm Bags 
110mm x 110mm110mm Square
110mm x 165mm10mm x 165mm
110mm x 190mm110mm x 190mm
110mm x 220mm110mm x 220mm
110mm x 300mm110mm x 300mm
125mm Bags 
Study Book125mm x 165mm
125mm x 220mm125mm x 220mm
Width x Length (mm)3Description
Flush Top Bags 
45mm x 90mmFlush Top Slim Florist Bag
55mm x 125mmFlush Top 55x125mm
110mm x 110mm110mm Square Bag
165mm x 160mm6.25″ Square Bag
120mm x 162mmC6 Bag
138mm x 185mm5″ x 7″ Bag
167mm x 230mmC5 Bag
161mm x 203mm8″ x 6″
185mm x 228mm9″ x 7″
205mm x 285mmExact 8″ x 11!
237mm x 356mmA4x100
Width x Length (mm)Description
Display Bags with Euroslot 
65mmx 90mm + 30mm HeaderFlorists Care Card Display Bag
65mm x 165mm + 30mm HeaderMini Bookmark Display
65mm x 220mm + 30mm HeaderBookmark Display Bag
75mm x 135mm + 30mm HeaderSuper Size Fridge Display
87mm x 113mm + 3mm HeaderC7 Display Bag
80mm x 200mm + 30mm HeaderHomeware Display Bag
90mm x 270mm + 30mm Header90mm x 270mm Display Bag
90mm x 300mm + 30mm Header90mm x 300mm Display Bag
110mm x 110mm + 30mm Header110mm Square Display
115mm x 220mm + 30mm HeaderDL Display Bag
120mm x 162mm + 30mm HeaderC6 Display Bag
138mm x 185mm + 30mm Header5″ x 7″ Display Bag
167mm x 230mm + 30mm HeaderC5 Display Bag
108mm x 152mm + 30mm Header6″ x 4″ Display Bag
161mm x 203mm + 30mm Header8″ x 6″ Display Bag
113mm x 156mm + 30mm HeaderA6 Display Bag
120mm x 300mm + 30mm HeaderSlimline A4 Display Bag
220mm x 297mm + 30mm HeaderA4 Display Bag
240mm x 325mm + 30mm HeaderC4 Display Bag
Width x Length (mm)Description
Calendar Bags 
157mm x 225mmA5 Calendar
218mm x 302mmA4 Calender
156mm x 425mmSlimLine Calendar A3
305mm x 425mmA3 Calendar
425mm x 305mmLandscape A3 Calendar
Jacket SleevesAll 50mm Lip
166 x 226C6 Jacket / Sleeve
189 x 2665″ x 7″ Jacket / Sleeve
231 x 318C5 Jacket / Sleeve
134 x 2635 x 5 Jacket / Sleeve
159 x 3126 x 6 Jacket / Sleeve
Multi Header Bags with EuroslotDescription
125mm x 162mm (with 30mm Lip)Multi C6 Display Bag
143mmx 185mm (with 30mm Lip)Multi 5×7 Display Bag
177mm x 235mm (with 40mm Lip)Multi C5 Display Bag